In talking recently with a friend we mentioned how many artists there are in Birmingham that we don’t know. At that point I set out to find new artists in our area. Through the beauty of the hashtag I searched & found #birminghamart….lots of it! I really never jumped on board w/ the whole hashtag thing & realized how important it is in connecting people. I found the 30x30x30 project on Instagram through searching Birmingham art. I contacted them & asked if I could be a part of their show/ mission. They graciously said “yes!” & so the process began. They provided me with 30 wood panels to create whatever I wanted. It was very freeing to have the material, size & quantity already decided for me…all I had to do was paint! The purpose of the 30x30x30 project was exactly what I was looking for…a way to connect with new people, get out of my comfort zone a bit & raise scholarship money for a Woodlawn High School senior pursuing a degree in a creative field. The show will be Nov 7 & 8 at 2threefive Motion Picture Studio in Woodlawn. Below is a picture of my first layer of paint & the next is the finished product.