The showroom launch in Huntsville was a couple of weeks ago & I wanted to share the pictures. I wasn’t thinking & only took pictures of my artwork (selfish right?). I should have captured the beautiful food, flowers & the cool furniture throughout the space (note to self for next time). Y’all will just have to use your imagination.

This piece titled, “Grey Wash”, is hanging over the receptionist desk when you enter the office. It is 6×4 feet, with a subtle grey wash & pops of a muted red & black. I chose a more muted color palate for this space for a couple of reasons. One, it’s a small space & I didn’t want to overwhelm the viewer/ customer entering the office. Two, everyone in the office will see this paintings all the time & I didn’t want something too bright/ bold or aggressive staring at them.

This piece titled, “For the love of Knoll”, is propped in the conference room. It is 3×4 feet & has a more bold feeling to it. I love the classic modern color scheme of black, white & red. I did add a muted yellow wash in the background (the carpet has a tad of yellow in it so I thought that would make a fun color addition). This painting is propped so that it can be easily moved if needed.



A bit of cool furniture made it into these pictures (yay!). Three sofas with a coffee table in the middle. I love this area, they use it for meetings with clients & designers. I choose to frame three small paintings for this area instead of a canvas. I felt like it needed something different & this was another way to showcase that I do small paintings as well. If you are interested in my commission work or pricing of these paintings, let me know.