I love flowers and growing things in the yard. Every year I try to plant something that will come back… The gift that keeps on giving. I also buy flowers for my pots in the front and backyard. This makes my heart happy to see all the time. Seriously, flowers effect me emotionally. Love them! I would also be lying if I told you I’ve never killed a thing or two (or a dozen). We have lived in our home 8 years and I am just seeing some of the fruits of my labor. And by being here 8 yrs I’m finally figuring out where not to plant stuff cause it will die…the 3rd times a charm for me;). I recently joined instagram (recently as in this morning) & snapped a ton of pics of my growing friends.



This is an antique rose from my dad. I heart roses.

Gardenias are one of my favorite scents. I wish they bloomed all summer… Makes me sad when they’re done.


This is a lady banks rose I bought last year from the botanical garden sale. It has tripled in size, no blooms yet…maybe next year.

Planted zinnia seed and black eyed susans here last week & they are already coming up:)



This is our massive back wall/ fence brick thing…so super ugly. I bought a couple of creeping fig plants and hopefully in a couple of years it will be covered in pretty natural green leaves…(keep your fingers crossed).


And last but not least… Hydrangeas, sigh. Aren’t they gorgeous! Mine have started to bloom but no color yet. Several years ago I asked my husband for hydrangeas every Mother’s Day from the kids. It is so special and when I look at them I think of my boys.
This weekend Brad is planting our garden. Sounds like my next post, eh?