I love digging through antique stores/ flea markets, salvation army and salvage stores. It is true for me that someone else’s trash is my treasure:). I am very selective about what I buy…I look for things that are unique, one of a kind and different plus a good price. Recently, I found two (on different shopping trips) metal pottery pieces. This first piece caught my eye with it’s vibrant green color & gold accents. It even has texture where the glaze gathered in one area adding to it’s unique look (that might not show up on my pics?). It was $12.




The second piece I just got this past weekend while shopping with my dad. He has taken me antiquing since I was really young. My parents collect antiques and I can remember as a child going to Mrs. Givens Antiques in Gulf Shores and spending what seemed like ALL day (it probably was if you know my dad;)) at her store. She really had beautiful pieces and my dad always wants to know the history of EVERYTHING, therefore we stayed, listened, learned (or fell asleep waiting on my parents to hurry up!).
This piece reminds me of an ancient artifact…like from the Byzantine Empire. And for a whopping $2 I’m sure it dates back that far;). I especially like that back of the piece is an emerald green.



If you happen to know about the process of making pieces like this I’d love to hear from you to learn more about it.