Lately I have thought about Rothko’s paintings a lot. His work evolved over the course of his career landing him with one of the most recognized signature styles in modern art. Rothko’s early imagery was very driven by the historical times of the late 30’s, but by the late 40’s “the artist also now resisted explaining the meaning of his work. “Silence is so accurate,” he said, fearing that words would only paralyze the viewer’s mind and imagination.” – all images and quote taken from National Gallery of Art (excellent resource, read if you have time). I love the scale of his paintings and how he masters the complexity within one color giving it depth as it engulfs you. He carefully placed his paintings in close quarters of the viewer to allow them to be apart of his work. Imagine standing in front of these paintings…what do you think, what does it make you feel?…there is not a right or wrong answer so go ahead and comment;)