This past weekend I had the honor of participating in the Magic City Art Connection in downtown Birmingham.  It was such a great experience.  I met so many wonderful artists and art lovers!  The festival included lots of entertainment, food and every kind of art imaginable.  I learned so much from doing the festival, most importantly…don’t wait until the last day to take pictures of your booth!!  These pictures really don’t do it justice but thought y’all might still want to see it.  Art festivals might be the best way to purchase artwork in my opinion.  You get to see so many different things at one time, it’s like a solo exhibition times 200 plus.  I will post pictures soon of the paintings I purchased from local artist, Claire Cormany.

On a more important note, last week, Alabama experienced some of the most devastating weather.  Lives were lost, homes destroyed, and families were left literally picking up the pieces of what’s left.  My thoughts & prayers are with these families.  They will not be forgotten.