Summer is quickly approaching. Vintage glass reminds me of summer in the south. It is light and airy and can be used anywhere. If you have some pull it out and enjoy it in a new way this summer. If you don’t have any, you can find it on etsy, thrift stores, garage sales or raid your grandmothers kitchen cabinets. These are some I found on etsy, simply stated pieces that tell me a story…

I would use these blue bowls for a sea shell collection to remind me of a sweet family vacation. Then place them upon a stack of coffee table books or display in a bookshelf.

Bring a few of your blooms inside to enjoy in these medicine bottles.

Serve up some lemonade in this unusual glass pitcher, then leave it on display all summer long in your kitchen.

Homemade vanilla ice-cream in these beauties? Yes, please! Or use them on your desk for paperclips and other small items.

This might be my favorite…I would use it on top of a dresser with a few pieces of keepsake jewelry.

Nothing says the south like a collection of mason jars. Cheers!

Use this set of lidded containers in your bathroom for cotton balls or bath salts.

Wouldn’t fresh picked blueberries, strawberries or some coral roses be gorgeous in this milk glass planter?
What reminds you of summer? Please share…