Franz Kline. Chief. 1950

“Cheif” by Franz Kline via MOMA

Franz Kline was an abstract expressionist back in the day.  His bold black and white images remind me of Motherwell in some ways.  I am drawn to a bold black and white image.  This is something that I need to do a little journaling about because I don’t typically paint with black and white only but when studying art I lean towards images like this?  Maybe it’s because you only get one chance with a painting like this.  I read that Kline used old phone books as his sketch pad… and that a friend suggested that he use a projector to blow up some images of everyday life, perhaps for a different prospective.  I like knowing that “famous” artists had struggles, got in a rut…that everything didn’t just flow from them perfectly.  And even with abstraction there was a plan in some ways.   Artists like Franz Kline were just people, like me and you…