Yes, this is an Art Blog…but isn’t food art? I think so! We don’t have too many traditions around here at the Lowe Casa but one is chocolate covered strawberries. I make these every year for my husband’s birthday and Valentine’s day. These (professional) pictures were taken last year from our Valentine’s dinner. The meal was chicken cakes with creole sauce from Southern Living, you can view the recipe here. The strawberries are easy, here’s what I do. For the chocolate you need a double boiler (I just rig up a small sauce pan with water and put a metal bowl on top). Put your favorite chocolate chips in the double boiler (I use half milk chocolate chips and half dark chocolate). On low heat continue to stir chocolate until all melted. Remove from heat and dip strawberries in chocolate then place strawberries on a cookie sheet lined in parchment paper, immediately place in fridge. I would love to hear if you have something special planned for heart day…big or small.